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Reiki Treatment

Adult CranioSacral Session

For general adult sessions, the client will be lying down on the massage table face up and I usually encourage relaxing as much as possible. Sometimes I've had clients even fall asleep during the session which is actually a very good sign! It means the body felt safe enough to get into a deep relaxation state and that is where the best healing happens! I put my hands on various places on the body to feel the CranioSacral rhythm, and if I feel any restriction of movement, I can help the body facilitate releasing those restrictions to help the body get back to a more optimal state of being.

For pregnant women, I modify the sessions, and usually have them lay mostly on their side. I check in on baby's rhythm as well throughout the session and help facilitate a deeper connection between mother and baby. CST is also extremely helpful for making more room for baby in the abdomen. Babies who have more room to grow during gestation are less likely to have issues such as torticollis, hip dysplasia and scoliosis. It is also helpful in the third trimester for getting baby into the best position for birth. Even after birth, I encourage moms to continue having regular CST sessions to help with bonding with their baby and also to help recover from the very strenuous endeavor they just went through to get their baby here! As a mother myself, I know all too well how much we will give to others but ignore ourselves. It's incredibly important for the whole family unit that the mother be taken care of as well!

Distance CranioSacral Session

With these sessions, I mesh my CranioSacral skills with Reiki to create a unique healing experience. With CST, there is a lot of work with the energy of the body and Reiki is similar. My distance sessions consist of having the client take the session time to relax and find a comfortable area to be. I usually recommend turning on some relaxing music if you enjoy that and even just closing your eyes and resting or possibly taking a nap. During the session time, I tap into the person's energy to help their body facilitate any releases of tension or stuck energy in the body. I do all of the session work separately and then will either send a video message with all the information about what happened during the session or we can get on a call to discuss. 

Sleepy Baby

Infant/Pediatric CranioSacral Session

For babies, CST is so helpful to help them integrate into this new world they were just brought into. Many are very overstimulated by lights, sounds, and other disruptions in their environment and CST can help to calm their nervous system. I feel all babies need at least some bodywork done just to help them unwind from being stuck in a scrunched position while in the womb. Many babies are extremely tensed and curled up which can lead to issues such as reflux and digestive issues, having tension on one side of the neck resulting in torticollis which can then lead to plagiocephaly (flat spot on the head), and if unaddressed can even lead to delays in meeting milestones such as crawling due to not being able to get in the appropriate position to get moving! Another thing that can cause tension in a baby's body are oral ties- most notably lip and tongue ties but buccal ties in the cheeks can also be troublesome. For baby sessions, I usually start with baby on the massage table but will follow the baby's lead which may be in mom or dad's lap or even while breastfeeding/bottlefeeding.

Children are highly sensitive and can benefit so much from CST as well. As stated before, CST is good for calming the nervous system, so it can be very helpful for children with ADD/ADHD and even those with autism. For sessions with children, I again follow their lead which more often than not is while they are up and distracted such as playing with toys or on mom and dad's lap.

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