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Alli Talarico RN, CST

CranioSacral Therapy


About Me

I  have been a registered nurse for over 11 years and specialized in the NICU taking care of critically ill preemies and infants. After my first daughter was born in 2018 with a tongue and lip tie that affected breastfeeding, I was introduced to the world of CranioSacral Therapy (CST). The changes I saw in my baby were enough to send me on a journey down a whole new career path.

"The body is a symphony of motion. On every level, our greatest promise for health is achieved when our body parts, from cellular to gross, are free to move in harmony with one another."

Dr. John E. Upledger

My Services

Adult CranioSacral Session

Distance Craniosacral Session

Infant/Child CranioSacral Session


I've done several distant CranioSacral sessions with Alli and I'm always so impressed with how much relief I experience! I've struggled with chronic knee pain due to a past injury and my knee is pain-free after every session with her. Recently, I did a distant session that relieved an incredible amount of anxiety. I highly suggest anyone and everyone book a session with Alli, she's amazing at this work!


Alli has been an absolute Godsend to our family. Our second baby was a fast and uncomplicated birth but she made up for it during the 4th trimester. Our baby would absolutely not tolerate being on her back in any way. Couldn't lay her on a play mat, couldn't put her in a bouncer, and the car seat was an immediate no. We were co-sleeping at night and wearing her for every nap. Reflux and horrible spitting p finally brought us to Alli and trying Craniosacral work. In a handful of weekly appointments, both at the birth center and at home, Alli was able to release all of the tension that our baby was still holding. We have now turned a huge corner. Our baby girl is now able to be put down on her own for naps, is sleeping through the night and has no problem being in her car seat. We finally feel like we can function as a family together! If we are blessed with more kiddos, we will be scheduling Alli from day one.


CranioSacral Therapy with Alli has dramatically reduced my chronic headaches and body aches that come with my autoimmune disease. It is tough to be on a bunch of medications and these sessions have helped me feel like I am approaching my autoimmune issues from all angles. I am grateful for the relaxing and healing nature of the treatments. I can feel the effects of CranioSacral while I am in session, and it is cool to be able to track the movements. My headaches have decreased in frequency throughout the course of treatments, and I notice alleviation within a few hours. The body pain I feel at various pressure points relieves itself almost instantly and the intensity of the pain has decreased since seeing Alli. She has been able to detect problem areas without my telling her, which has been super helpful. It's hard to remember everything that may come up during, so having someone who is able to ask the right questions has been crucial. I am so glad I gave this a shot.


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South Pasadena, CA


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